Our mission

“We combine our skills, experiences, professionalism and passions to be the best creative tool for those who want to develop ideas and projects through stories, sounds, images and… real products.”

Who we are



Rossella Piccini is one of those few people who turns anything into stars. Sometimes she uses her pencil, since she is a very good illustrator, sometimes her smile is enough to arise enthusiasm. If you ask her, she will tell you that it is not true and will add that many people are more serious, better, more precise, more, more, more … sure, sure, all true, but we still don’t find anyone like her!


Paolo Stefi certainly attended a school, worked in many companies and bla, bla, bla… the truth is that his greatest gift is that he met, in his life, many beautiful and talented people (those described here) who work with him with enthusiasm. His daughters say that when he leaves the house he does not work, but plays… he says it is not true, but he knows very well that they are right!

Work with us


Gabriella cannot be described in so little space, it is a true injustice. Because our “Gabriellina” is a kind and graceful girl who creates extraordinarily beautiful works. She studied in the most prestigious schools, has worked for years with the biggest Italian brands, but she is always the kind and graceful girl, capable of creating extraordinary works.

Sergio is not a graphic designer, no, it cannot be … because which graphic designer always understands everything at first chance? Which one is always accurate in everything it does? Which graphic designer is kind and available to explain things like him!? Which graphic designer listens to you and reads the emails to the end!? Com’on… we haven’t discovered the secret yet, but he certainly cannot be the one to carry out the wonderful works he says he did!

Giulio loves only one thing more than Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop… and do you know what we understood it from? Because there is only one thing that makes him look up from the screen, that makes him stop teaching graphics, create perfect logos, layout articles at the speed of light and create wonderful packs. Yes, in short, if it wasn’t for Amanda and Ivan, Giulio would love his job more than anything else!


Monica, when she is not chased by wild boars (yes, it’s not a “lost in translation matter”), draws wonderful worlds and characters … and for this we love her very much. Hey, don’t think that drawing is an innate art: even someone like her had to study hard to become a serious professional. Knowing how to create beauty, however, that yes, is a quality that you must have inside as a child.

Franco was born in Lido of Venice and after the Artistic he enrolled in the Art and Message school. Today he collaborates with many realities, including RAI, with which he has made splendid short films for “The blue tree”, Giunti, DeAgostini, Roche, RCS… but it doesn’t matter to us. We like to dream looking at his illustrations, everything else is… boredom!


Arianna doesn’t want to say it but she’s a nerd.Of course, at first glance you wouldn’t say it, with that smile, but underneath she never works and builds toys, designs projects, invents new games and makes impossible products work only because she falls in love with those projects and those designs, a a bit like we fell in love with her.


Roberta… the British would say that she is an “editor, writer and story teller”… maddai, how boring! We say that she is Ale’s mother because in our opinion it is also for this reason that she loves writing pretty stories, giving life to fantastic characters and it is also for this reason that, always, prestigious publishers have asked her to make their pages wonderful!

Carlo is a full-fledged gentleman so treat him with respect… he has written a lot in his life, has traveled all over the world for work and has associated extraordinary people whose stories, anecdotes and legends he has told. Some pages of National Geographic, DeAgostini, Hobby & Work, but also of RAI broadcasts are his own works…


Raffaele is not actually called this: he is called “the Raffo” and is a character who certainly comes from a distant planet or from a science fiction novel: otherwise he cannot explain how he manages to write funny stories, scientific articles, passionate letters (this they told us, Raffo!) and memes to laught until you pee on… but we cannot publish them here, com’on!


Fabio is a modern sculptor… Yes, we love to think that if Canova was born today, he would be from Turin, he would have loved video games and comics since he was a child, he would have studied like crazy and then would have had the opportunity to work for Bonelli, Ferrero , Nintendo… with his chisel he would not have created Cupid and Psyche, but with the graphic tablet he would have created wonderful things!

Simone is a strange guy, but on the other hand all 3D modelers are strange guys. He worked for a Canadian customer and then he adapted to their time zone and now lives during the night, he says we’re “Grandi!” at least three times every time we hear and gives us the opportunity to dream by seeing on our computer to see its models that come to life, slowly, as if they were modeling themselves out of nowhere!


Sara is a very good animator: she is capable of transforming our stories and drawings into pure emotions… and she does not do it sitting on a director’s chair, with sunglasses or smoking a one meter cigarette, no , she is not a diva: she sits at her computer and drawings, a little magic thing in our opinion, begin to move, look around, talk… come to life!

Matteo was born in Lecco and plays the guitar very well, but this has nothing to do with the fact that today it is an established sound engineering. He graduated in Law in Milan but this has nothing to do with it. Today mixes sounds and voices of at least one Netflix TV series that you have seen and makes audiobooks for Amazon… but you haven’t listened to them, have you!? For us he give toys the voice and makes the games sing, and this it does because he has fun!

Filadelfo is a true musician: when we work with him we never know what can happen and always, always, we go out with a new song in the head! He has collaborated and works with real singers, the really famous ones, but he always find the time for our jingles, together with a beer and two laughs!
Ah, if you want to have a hope of seeing paradise, don’t listen to his advice about copywriting…